What To Expect From Counseling

Clients have differing expectations from counseling. Some clients tell me they have had counseling in the past but it did not help them. Other times an individual begins counseling but decides it is not the right time for them. Some say they felt uncomfortable with the therapist. We will process all these concerns and I will answer any questions you may have.

I am an active participant in the therapy process and committed to you and your success. Clients find me to be warm, non-judgmental and respectful which is paramount in creating an effective working relationship. You might guess that the quality of the counseling relationship has been identified as one of the most important factors in successful therapy.

How the counseling process works

The initial counseling session lasts 60 minutes (follow-up sessions 50 minutes). During the first session I ask clients to identify their current struggles and what they hope to change as a result of counseling. Once specific goals are determined a treatment plan will be devised by the two of us and will serve as a guide to measure your progress. My focus is on client strengths and what has worked in the past. These create an excellent foundation on which to build.

Clients typically attend therapy session each week over a 10 to 12 week period.  I ask clients to commit to this time frame at the onset of therapy. Counseling provides time for conversation, introspection, development of insight when helpful, and practice of new behaviors. 

To enhance the therapeutic process, I often provide clients with reading and homework assignments to do between sessions. I encourage clients to attend outside support groups whenever possible. If I have a support group at the time that would fit their needs, I invite them to join that as well. For clients who struggle addiction I generally require them to attend 12-step meetings or other appropriate meetings of their choice.

Counseling takes commitment

Counseling takes commitment on the part of the client. It requires one to make an honest appraisal of what is working and not working in their lives. Counseling is a difficult process at times but one that yields wonderful, lifetime dividends.