About The Counselor

Dr Beth WolfeDr Beth Wolfe is a licensed mental health counselor. She provides mental health and substance abuse counseling to clients from age 16 to 80. She also works with couples and offers group therapy. 

Each stage of life has its challenges, so it is not unusual for various issues to recur throughout. Do not be discouraged if this is the case for you. Even though some issues take time to resolve, our response can be aided by learning coping skills and becoming more assertive about our needs and wants. The counseling process brings about both immediate and lasting change.
Dr Wolfe has experience counseling clients on a variety of issues. She has considerable experience working with clients who struggle with severe depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. 
Her goal is to help clients reduce hospitalization and rehab stays. Clients and families alike say she is an excellent source of information and support. She also has a strong focus on suicide prevention as well.
Dr Wolfe also consults with family members about what is involved in doing an intervention for a loved one whose drinking and/or drug use has become problematic.
Clients who engage with Dr Wolfe find her to be effective, non- judgmental, supportive and knowledgeable. When you work with Dr Wolfe you open yourself to great rewards and immense healing. You have found someone to assist you on your journey.  


1998     Ph.D.Counselor Education, Ohio University
1993     M.Ed.Community and Agency Counseling, Ohio University
1991     M.A.Higher Education and Student Affairs, The Ohio State University
1979     B.A.English/Psychology, Heidelberg College

Work Experience and Settings

Out-Patient Counseling

  • Individuals (16 & older), couples, group therapy
  • Substance abuse and mental health counseling
  • Specialization with clients with dual diagnoses
  • Counseling “at risk” college students
  • Intensive Out-Patient Counseling and Partial Hospitalization
  • Drug Court, 18-month program (largest in the state of Georgia)

Psychiatric In-Patient and Residential

  • Emergency room assessment
  • In-patient assessments and groups
  • 90-day substance abuse treatment center for women
  • Two-year treatment program for addicted women and families (TANF housing, education, therapy)


  • Graduate courses in accredited counseling programs
  • Required courses for college freshmen

Professional Memberships

  • Space Coast Mental Health Counselor's Association
  • Florida Mental Health Counselor's Association
  • American Mental Health Counselor's Association
  • American Counseling Association